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Notification No. 81/2021 [F. No. 300196/40/2018-ITA-I] / SO 2827(E) Notification No. 81/2021 14/07/2021
Notification No. 80/2021 [F. No. 300196/30/2018-ITA-I] / SO 2826(E) Notification No. 80/2021 14/07/2021
Cassette-Swaps in ATMs RBI/2021-22/71 12/07/2021
Notification No.79/2021 u/s 35(1)(ii) of the Income-tax Act, 1961 in the case of Patanjali Researh Notification No. 79/2021 12/07/2021
Notification No. 78/2021 [F.No.300196/5/2018-ITA-I] / SO 2774(E) Notification No. 78 /2021 09/07/2021
Mandatory Leave for Employees Posted in Sensitive Positions or Areas of Operation.. RBI/2021-22/70 09/07/2021
for LIBOR Transition RBI/2021-22/69 08/07/2021
Inclusion of Shivalik Small Finance Bank Limited RBI/2021-22/68 08/07/2021
New Definition of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises-Addition of Retail and Wholesale Trade RBI/2021-2022/67 07/07/2021
Income tax Amendment (19th Amendment), Rules, 2021 Notification No. 77/2021 07/07/2021
Review of Instructions on Interest on overdue domestic deposits RBI/2021-22/66 02/07/2021
Income tax (18th Amendment), Rules, 2021 Notification No. 76/2021 02/07/2021
Interest Equalization Scheme on Pre and Post Shipment Rupee Export Credit-Extensiom RBI/2021-22/65 01/07/2021
Seeks to waive penalty payable for non-compliance of provisions of Notification No. 14/2020 Notification No. 28/2021 – Central Tax 30/06/2021
Guidelines for Managing Risk in Outsourcing of Financial Services by Co-operative Banks RBI/2021-22/64 28/06/2021
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